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This is a route along the northern part of Oman. The best vehicle for traveling around the country is a car. We will hire a car and make our way to the mountains, deserts, and oases of Oman. Expect plenty of hiking, natural and historical attractions. The itinerary is designed for 8 days, however, it is adaptive, and can be shortened and lengthened as desired.
Svetlana Aramileva

We created this itinerary for independent travelers who do not want to spend time studying information

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You do not have to collect information from numerous reports, guides and forums. Everything you need to know before traveling to Oman - in one place
The route is perfect for those who:
  • loves adventure
  • prefers routes without tourist crowds
  • interested in history and nature
  • loves to walk in the mountains with moderate intensity
  • ready to bear minor inconveniences for the sense of discover
The route is NOT suitable for those who:
  • is convinced that travel is only a beach and the sea
  • wants to feel super comfortable
  • has big health issues or physical limitations
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