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Our two hobbies are travel and video. Preparing for the trip, we are faced with the lack of a cool comprehensive, and understandable detailed itinerary which you can easily replicate without wasting time on additional preparation. We have to collect information from numerous scattered sources.
So, we decided to create itineraries that we need ourselves. They feature interactive maps, beautiful photos, personal opinions, video reviews, prices, and other details. Information is presented in chronological order, conveniently and clearly. Our itineraries suggest alternative options to adjust the program according to your interests and duration of the trip.
Маршрут по Оману
Oman Itinerary

Get the full detailed itinerary for a road trip around the north of Oman. The program is designed for 8 days
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Nepal. 14 days itinerary
Oman. 8 days itinerary (English subtitles)
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